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 Automatic website change logs and notification

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about us

Since 1999 has been providing page change monitoring and notification services to internet users worldwide. Anyone can use our service to monitor any website page for changes. Additionally, webmasters use our service to improve their sites and increase traffic.

Anyone can use our free service to track the changes to any page on the net. You will be notified when the pages you are tracking have been changed and you will be able to see a concise list of the edits made to each page over time.

stay in the know...

  • Know when any web page changes.
    • ChangeDetection will monitor almost any page on the net for you and when that page changes we'll send you an email alert to let you know.
  • Use ChangeDetection for business intelligence
    • Use ChangeDetection as part of your business intelligence strategy. Track your competition, get timely alerts when a competitor changes their website. Keep an eye on your supply chain or potential suppliers. Watch for developments at your customer's websites.
  • Keep an eye on your investments
    • Monitor the press release page of companies you are invested in. Keep track of their current executives. Be alerted to changes on their home page.
  • Find out when a company changes their policies
    • So many companies on the web will change their privacy policies or their terms and conditions without notice. Now you have a tool which will alert you to these silent changes.
  • Get notified of new software versions
    • Keep your software up to date. Monitor the download page of your top business and personal software vendors. When they update it, you'll get an email alert.
  • Stay on top of new job notices
    • Looking for a job? Monitor the new job listings pages at companies where you would like to work. When they post a new listing, we will email you.
  • Watch for your company name
    • ChangeDetection allows you to look for specific words added to a page. Monitor industry news and trade publications in your field and be notified when your company name is mentioned.
  • And much more...
    • Our users monitor hundreds of thousands of pages, from the latest news to the latest music. Whether it is work or fun, business or pleasure. ChangeDetection keeps an eye on it for you.

promote your site, blog, face or space.

Every time your website changes we will notify your visitors!

Make repeat visitors out of casual surfers and keep loyal visitors coming back. Give your visitors the tool they need to take full advantage of your site.

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 Automatic website change logs and notification

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