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 Automatic website change logs and notification

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The ChangeDetection Robot

The ChangeDetection robot is an automatic web-page reading bot. It visits a page periodically to detect changes in a website. This change information is used to let people know how and when a web page changes.

When your page changes, ChangeDetection users are notified by email so they can visit your site again and view the updated content. A description of the ChangeDetection service can be found at the ChangeDetection home page.

The Robots Exclusion Standard
(aka robots.txt)

The ChangeDetection robot is a polite robot which always honors your robots.txt file. If the ChangeDetection robot is accessing parts of your website that you do not wish to be read, simply use the robots exclusion standard to control access.

Using this standard ChangeDetection can be prevented from accessing all or part of your website.

Our user-agent name for use in your robots.txt file is: ChangeDetection.

If you are not familiar with the robots exclusion standard you can find it at

Server Problems

If the ChangeDetection robot is causing server problems which cannot be corrected using the robots exclusion standard, please contact us with a description of the server problem you are seeing.

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 Automatic website change logs and notification

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