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 Automatic website change logs and notification

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documentation: FAQ

Thanks for checking the Frequently Asked Questions page. Here we try to answer as many questions as possible for both website owners and end-users.

This document covers commonly asked questions only. For general documentation please refer to General Usage.

If you are a webmaster and want to improve your site using our service, please also refer to Webmaster Usage.

+- What is
At your request, we monitor any website page for text changes. If a change is detected we send you a notification email. We also maintain a log of recent changes to the page and allow you to see the difference between any two versions of the page.
+- How much does it cost?
It's free.
+- Will you spam me?
No. We hate spam too. Additionally, to ensure that nobody signs you up without your consent all new signups must reply to a special email to confirm our service was requested. This is called "double opt-in". For more information see our policies.
+- How do I unsubscribe?
Simply log into your account, go to the all monitors page and use the controls there to delete any undesired monitors.
+- Why do I keep receiving change notices when the page hasn't changed?
The page has changed! Any change at all to any text at all on the page will by default trigger a change notice. This includes things like the current date or even the changing ads that some pages display. Consider editing your monitor to only notify you of sizable changes.

To change a monitor's setting, click the edit settings link on the change log page.

If the page is on your own website you can exclude portions of a page by using a special ChangeDetection tag.

Email Issues
+- Why am I not receiving your emails?
Look in your spam folder. Your email program or your email server is mistakenly treating them as spam. If you still cannot locate them then your email server is "bouncing" emails it considers to be spam. Contact your email server administrator and have them fix this. All of our emails are sent from the domains "" and "". If your email server is not accepting email from us, then there is nothing we can do to change that. If you cannot contact your email server administrator, or if they prove to be unhelpful, consider using a different email address.

You can see emails we sent you, and bounces if any, by logging in to your account and clicking on the recent alerts link.

+- How do I change my e-mail address?
Log into your account then go to the account settings page.
+- How do I whitelist
To see how to whitelist a sender, please refer to this external page (not related to

How to Whitelist a Sender

All of our emails are sent from the domains "" and "".

+- What types of changes are detected?
Changes to the text of a web page are detected. Changes in HTML tags are not detected. Note that any change at all to any text at all on the page will be detected.
+- Are there changes that won't be detected?
Yes. Text from external files or retrieved by JavaScript are not counted as changes to the page being monitored. Also, web masters can exclude portions of a page by using a special ChangeDetection tag. Additionally, changes in images and flash content are not monitored.
+- How frequently are pages monitored for changes?
Typically pages are checked once per day for changes.
+- How do I use ChangeDetection with a framed site?
You will need to determine the address of the actual frameset with the content that you want to monitor. Enter the address of that frameset when creating your monitor.

+- I forgot my password or site ID
Click "help" on the log in page to get it back.

Webmaster Usage
+- Can I make the panel specify which page gets monitored?
By default, signups through a ChangeDetection panel monitor the page the panel is on. If you want to specify some other page, like a What's New page, you can specify the page's URL in the panel HTML. You do this by adding an additional input tag after the "email" tag in the panel's form. So, after a tag similar to this:
  <input type=text name=email size=10 value="enter email">
place a tag like this:
  <input type=hidden name=url value="">
Remember to change the value of the tag to be the URL of the page that you want monitored!
+- Can I prevent changes on a specific part of a page from being detected?
Yes. For more information look at the tag reference.
+- Can I prevent a page on my site from being accesssed at all by ChangeDetection?
Yes. Use the industry standard robots.txt file for this. Our agent name is ChangeDetection.

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 Automatic website change logs and notification

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