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 Automatic website change logs and notification

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documentation: HTML tag reference

ChangeDetection supports use of a special HTML tag to control which parts of a page are scanned for changes. This tag is commonly used by webmasters to increase the accuracy of the change detection process.

The ChangeDetection HTML tag is an invisible HTML comment tag. It may be included most anywhere on your page without affecting its look or functionality.

The ChangeDetection Tag

The ChangeDetection HTML tag looks like this:
<!-- detection="off" -->
or this:
<!-- detection="on" -->

The tag is not case-sensitive. Each page may include one or more ChangeDetection tags.

If you have an area of your page that changes frequently but your visitors should not be notified about it, you can place a ChangeDetection comment before and after that area to switch off detection and then turn it back on.

If you want to always prevent a page from generating change detection events you may simply place an 'off' tag at the very start of the page. Alternatively, you could use a robots.txt file to prevent the page from being accessed by ChangeDetection altogether.


If you automatically generate today's date as part of your page it's unlikely that your visitors will want to be notified every day that the date changed. In this case, simply place
<!-- detection="off" -->
in your HTML just before the date, and
<!-- detection="on" -->

just after the date. When ChangeDetection examines the page for changes it will ignore the area that you excluded.


1) It is strongly recommended that you exclude trivial parts of pages that change daily so your visitors aren't irritated with too-frequent notices they quickly learn to ignore.

2) When you first exclude part of a page being monitored a change will be detected by our service. This is because it will appear to our service as if that part of your page was deleted. This is normal.


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 Automatic website change logs and notification

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